CFWI Zoom Meeting Guidelines


Before meeting

Designate someone as the meeting host who will send the meeting link to participants. This does not
have to be the Chair or Secretary. It is good practice not to send the link out too soon before the meeting
(it gets lost in the plethora of emails we all get). Perhaps you could include the link at the top of the

We recommend that you discourage the use of the chat facility during formal meetings as it is too
distracting for the Chair, host and the secretary. The Chair may want to remind participants of this at
the start of your meeting.

In Meeting:

Being part of a Zoom meeting demands certain behaviours which a normal meeting does not. For
example, it is much more difficult to conduct the preliminaries if people are trying to chat to each other
through the medium of Zoom. Therefore, we must ask you not to speak when you join, other than to
say “hello”. It cannot be a social event.

1. Meeting “host” may not be the Chair, but will be responsible for ensuring everyone has joined
the meeting before the Agenda starts. When you join the meeting, the host will greet you by
name to confirm your attendance. Once everyone is present the host will confirm to the Chair
that the meeting can begin. It will take some time for everyone to be present- be patient.

2. Chair will clearly signpost each Agenda item so everyone knows where they are in the process.
The Agenda may include reports which it is assumed have been read, and only items marked
“For Discussion” will specifically be addressed in the meeting, but there WILL be an “Any Other
Business” section at the end for Zoom meetings so that any other points of view or questions
can be aired separately.

3. If you wish to make a point, please use the participants menu to “raise hand” or physically do
so to catch the Chair’s eye. You can indicate agreement by using the thumbs up from the
reactions on the menu bar or by physically raising your thumb. Note that these flash up but do
not stay on – they may be particularly useful if an individual prefers not to be on video. Agree
with the Chair which method you will use. The Chair will come to each person in turn. During
the meeting please mute your microphone to prevent background/household noises being
overheard. HOWEVER, you have to remember to un-mute it when you are invited to speak!

4. All participants are politely requested to use the method in 3 above if they wish to make a point,
not talk over someone else. Zoom meetings just don’t work if people don’t respect this rule.

5. If a vote is required about a decision then use “thumbs up” so that Chair can see your
agreement (or not) see 3 above.

6. If someone appears to have dropped out of the conversation without flagging they are going to
do so, then the meeting waits until they are re-connected and their temporary absence will be
noted by the Minute taker.

7. If you wish to leave the meeting deliberately then see 3. Above and wait until your
disappearance has been noted.

8. The meeting end will be clearly signposted by the Chair.

CFWI/Jan 2021.v1


All zoom events provided by CFWI must be paid in full, in advance.

If there is no charge for the zoom event, a booking must still be made in advance.

Places are allocated on a first come first serve basis.

By booking a zoom event payment is required even for non attendance of the participant.

Zoom joining details for the talk will be sent out upon receipt of payment/booking a day or two before the event takes place.

If the zoom joining details has not been received the day before the scheduled event please check your SPAM/Junk folder in case the invite has not gone into your online inbox. Otherwise please contact the event organiser on the email address printed on the e-flyer for assistance.

The zoom joining details are non transferable.

We reserve the right to refuse a booking if the applicant has not paid for a previous zoom event despite payment being requested.

1 April 2021.