Lesley Challands has recently completed NFWI’s safeguarding training and is available to receive your Safeguarding concerns (reported via the form below) and to provide advice and information. If you’re wondering why a charitable organisation like the WI needs to have a Safeguarding structure, it is partly due to legislative requirements, but in the wider context it is about protecting everyone’s right to respect and dignity, living in safety free from the risk of harm caused by abuse and neglect. Whilst instances of concern within WI activities are unlikely, any that do arise now have a mechanism to be reported. Additionally, members may in the past have had Safeguarding concerns about another member’s life outside of WI and not known what to do about it – within this new structure there is now an avenue to report these. The NFWI has created a Policy which is also available below – please take the time to read through it and if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me on

NFWI Safeguarding Leaflet

NFWI Safeguarding Policy

NFWI  Safeguarding Reporting Template