The Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees is made up of the Trustees of the Federation. The committee approves all recommendations that come from the other sub-committees and is responsible for the final decision on all matters of finance, health and safety and general policy according to the Charity Commission and our own Constitution.

Craft and Cookery Committee
This Committee encourages educational skills in a wide variety of subjects and day schools are arranged to cover many forms of crafts and cookery and visits to places of interest including craft exhibitions.

Combined Activities Committee
This committee covers a wide range of fund raising activities including very successful weekend breaks and a series of lunches throughout the year. The committee also organises many trips to places of interest both in London and the surrounding area.

Membership  Committee
This committee consists of the WI Advisers and assistants. A WI Adviser is a WI member who has undertaken special training and will have learned about many different sorts of WIs. They are available to any WI who has problems or who want to know about the wider aspects, structure and opportunities for member in the WI organisation.

Public Affairs Committee
This committee organises the Resolutions meetings and arranges the specialised speakers. It also follows up the mandates when passed at the Annual General Meeting of the National Federation. The committee keeps the various campaigns to the fore by writing to Members of Parliament, local councillors and relevant decision makers about the mandated concern. At the same time it makes members aware of how they can each play a part in any campaign, beginning in their own communities.